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Embarking on your rental journey should be as seamless as it is exciting. To ease your path, we’ve compiled answers to the questions we hear most from our community. 

Dive into out FAQs for helpful information to get you started on finding your new home in the Okanagan Valley.


To obtain the most current and up-to-date information regarding availability, please submit an enquiry through the Registration Form of the rental community you are interested in. The Resident Manager will get back to you shortly after receiving your enquiry.

A security deposit is a sum of money given to the landlord that is in addition to the rent paid in respect of the residential premises, and is held as security for the performance of an obligation or liability of the resident. In British Columbia, the security deposit will not exceed one half of the monthly rent, payable for the rental suite upon acceptance of the application.

We have twelve (12) month leases that are month-to-month after the initial term.

The tenant has an obligation to pay rent on time. No extension of time to pay rent is permitted unless there is a written agreement between the landlord and tenant, or the Residential Tenancy Branch has ordered that the tenant may pay late.

If you happen to fall into arrears or know that you will be unable to make a rental payment, please contact your building manager to discuss the situation.

It is important to note that in the event that you exceed 1 day in arrears, a notice to end the tenancy early for non-payment of rent can be issued regardless of the reason for the non-payment.

If you have paid rent late three times, you will receive a notice of Continuous Late Rent. Once you have received this notice, the next time you pay late you can receive a One Month Notice to End Tenancy.

Rental increases may take place for an existing tenant after the first 12 months. The landlord is required to give a tenant three months’ notice of a rental increase on approved forms. Rental increases are given based off of the allowable increase set by the Residential Tenancy Branch.