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LMP Property Management manages and maintains the rental communities of Stober Group, a leader in Okanagan real estate development. With a dedication to community vitality, our focus is on cultivating neighbourhoods where connection and collective well-being are the cornerstones of every decision. Through attentive care and responsive service, we ensure each community is not just a place to live, but a supportive hub for growth and enrichment.

In every interaction, our approach reflects our deep commitment to the residents we serve. By managing Stober Group’s communities, we’re contributing to a connected and thriving environment— one home and one experience at a time. 

Welcome to where your well-being shapes the future of our neighbourhood.

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homes throughout the okanagan valley

Connect With Our Communities

We offer welcoming rental homes throughout the Okanagan Valley, an area known for its richness in lifestyle and experiences. From lush vineyards and lively local festivals to the richness of farm-fresh produce and endless outdoor adventures, the Okanagan Valley is rich in experiences.

With a respectful nod to our role in the community, we are honoured to be a part of the Okanagan’s living landscape. In choosing one of our homes, you gain more than a residence; you receive the support of a dedicated full-service team attentive to your living needs. We invite you to explore our rental communities and find a home with us.